Brandon and Kalyn Wilcher

Meet the owners of Popcorn Central, Brandon and Kalyn Wilcher. 

We have 3 children, have lived in Trophy Club for 10 years and love the support from our community. 

We founded Popcorn Central on our love of quality food and our passion for local business.  

Delicious food comes from delicious ingredients!  

We source the best local providers to bring you sweets and snacks that you will both trust and love!

At Popcorn Central we take great pride in our popcorn, candies and fudge. We use only the finest ingredients. Our popcorn is continuously popping throughout the day to ensure freshness. We use only real cheeses and our caramel is made from scratch using a top secret recipe!

When you shop with us, you are supporting local communities and healthy food webs. Interested in learning more about the process behind your purchases? Get in touch!

We have answers!

Drop us a line at or call the store at (682) 502-4551.